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Case Studies Ørsted

Analyzing ESG Disclosure

© Photo by Ørsted.

SustainAbility analyzed Ørsted’s current state of ESG disclosure and advised the company on a strategy for more proactive ESG reporting.

As a result of this project, Ørsted has been able to take a more strategic approach to its ESG disclosure

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In 2016, Ørsted’s (then DONG Energy) IPO significantly increased the Denmark-based utility’s potential investor base. Following the IPO, Ørsted responded on an ad hoc basis to environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure inquiries. Recognizing that investors were increasingly applying ESG information in financial materiality assessments, the company sought our guidance on how it could be more proactive in using ESG information to attract investors.

We conducted an analysis of how ESG disclosure can attract potential investors and assessed whether Ørsted’s current engagement efforts were sufficient.

Building evidence for internal decision making

We ran a discovery process with the Ørsted team that explored how ESG disclosure can attract potential investors. We also carried out desk research and benchmarking of peers and companies leading in SRI engagement, conducting interviews with the sustainability and/or investor relation teams at the benchmark companies.

Engagement recommendations

Based on the peer interviews, desk research and SustainAbility’s analysis we identified and prioritized five engagement activities that would bring most value to the company’s investor engagement.

Scenario analysis

We developed scenarios for the sustainability and investor relations teams to consider and provided recommendations for the best course of action on approaching and engaging with SRI investors in the short, medium and long term.

As a result, Ørsted has been able to take a more strategic approach to its ESG disclosure. This project enabled Ørsted to maximize the value of its disclosures and resources dedicated to SRI investors, ensuring the company remained credible and competitive in the eyes of this critical stakeholder group.


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