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Access to Medicines Index Performance

We were commissioned by a top global pharmaceutical company to assess the company’s performance in the Access to Medicine Index (ATMI). We provided technical analysis and consultation to enable the company to continue and improve its efforts to advance access to health around the world.

The Access to Medicines Index ranks 20 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies based on seven technical areas linked to access: strategy, governance, R&D, pricing, licensing, capacity building and donations. The index identifies best practice, tracks progress and shows where critical action is needed to improve access to medicine.

The purpose of our assessment was to help the company better understand areas to enhance its access efforts, and to provide evidence and insights to support internal recommendations on resource allocation to achieve the greatest impact on access. This was achieved through three phases of work:

Develop an overview and peer selection

Our work included a review of scores for the company and its peers to highlight areas for improvement and to select the companies in the Index to be used for comparison.

Performance analysis and identification of opportunities

We conducted an in-depth review of ATMI’s technical areas and the company’s performance in each of these areas. Peer performance was analyzed to understand the initiatives and activities that were potentially contributing to higher scores. From this analysis opportunities where the company could enhance or improve access to medicines were identified.

Opportunity prioritization

We determined which of the identified opportunity areas should be prioritized based on a number of criteria including stakeholder priorities, alignment with the company’s existing strategy and areas where the company was being outperformed by peers. Priority areas were identified, reviewed and recommendations delivered.


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