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Building trust through transparency


The premier network for sustainability practitioners applying
transparency to improve corporate performance.


Gain insights on the latest transparency and reporting trends, innovations, risks and opportunities.


Access and contribute to peer-to-peer sharing on the subjects of stakeholder engagement, accountability, and reporting.


Improve and leverage transparency efforts across the business to drive performance and build credibility.


Member companies build trust and unlock new possibilities
by networking and collaborating with peers.

Global Workshops

Annual European and US workshops where members gather to share experiences and learn from experts.

Webinars & Calls

Regular virtual meetings and peer-to-peer calls explore the latest trends on transparency and stakeholder engagement.

Research Project

An in-depth research project is developed in collaboration with members and delivered at the annual workshops.

One to One Support

Members are assigned a dedicated account manager who is on hand for advice, channeling relevant insights and delivering a customized member briefing.

Online Network

Members can connect through a private social network. Members also receive a monthly curated newsletter on relevant and trending issues.


Connect with some of the world’s leading brands
to accelerate positive change.

"A perfect venue to keep abreast of emerging issues and tackle challenging corporate responsibility topics together. The diversity of perspectives offer a valuable source of intelligence and innovation."

Rob Frederick, VP and Director, Corporate Responsibility, Brown-Forman

“Sharing challenges and discussing current issues through the cross-industry network is truly invaluable to our business.”

Thomas A. Niemann, Social Sustainability Manager, Ford Motor Company


The Network is growing all
the time. For more information
or to join, get in touch.

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What's next for
sustainable business?

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