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Identify and prioritise the issues
that matter most to your
business and stakeholders.

SustainAbility’s materiality assessments are informed by more than 25 years of experience helping companies to develop sustainability strategies that align with their core businesses.

The universe of potential “material” issues is growing as new stakeholder campaigns, public policy debates, standards, regulations, and global events demand the attention of companies worldwide. Stakeholders are expecting more corporate action on the most demanding problems and more access and transparency into what’s behind your sustainability focus.

Materiality Assessments Provide a Tool for Prioritising. A materiality assessment helps a company make sense of the sustainability landscape and build a powerful mandate for focusing and acting on those issues that are highest priority for the business. The benefits to carrying out a materiality or issue assessment include:

  • Focusing efforts to better allocate limited resources
  • Integrating sustainability issues into the core business strategy
  • Satisfying stakeholder & investor demands
  • Anticipating emerging issues
  • Meeting sustainability reporting expectations
  • Strengthening sustainability communications
  • Providing a basis for development of performance measures

Our materiality services offer a range of outputs catered to your needs, from light touch analysis to a full intensive materiality assessment. For more information download our service factsheet.


Service Factsheet

Learn more about our materiality consulting services in our two-page factsheet.



Research, analysis and commentary on materiality.

What's next for
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