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Events 28 Mar 2018 | Webinar

Webinar on Targeting Value: Setting High-Impact Sustainability Goals

In this public webinar, SustainAbility Senior Manager Rebecca O’Neill will present the findings of the company’s new research report, Targeting Value.

The research provides clear insights on the value to business of setting, pursuing, achieving and reporting on sustainability goals. The report identifies several key barriers to setting high-impact goals, as well as potential ways to overcome these challenges.

This webinar will cover current best practices for ensuring goals deliver maximum business value and broader societal impact. Rebecca will also describe case studies that highlight lessons to apply and pitfalls to avoid when designing high-impact goals.

The following guest speakers will share their experiences and practical advice:

  • Mark Weick, Lead Director, Sustainability and Enterprise Risk Management, The Dow Chemical Company
  • Hilary Parsons, Head of Creating Shared Value Engagement, Nestlé

Space is limited. Please register today!


28th March 2018
8am PST
4pm GMT


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