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Events 4 Jun 2018 - 7 Jun 2018 | Conference

Sustainable Brands ’18: Vancouver

Vancouver, Canada

Join us at SB’18 Vancouver for actionable ideas demonstrating how brands can succeed by Redesigning the Good Life.

For brands to remain competitive amidst a changing landscape, they must evolve with new generations of consumers. The Sustainable Brands community is already testing new frameworks, tools and partnerships to ensure purpose-driven brands outperform traditional ones in delivering tangible results.

For brands to remain competitive amidst a changing landscape, they must evolve with new generations of consumers.

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SB’18 Vancouver kicks off a global showcase of brands who are embodying the spirit of balance and simplicity by redesigning product and service offerings toward new societal aspirations of The Good Life. Dive into a thoughtfully curated list of exemplary case studies, discover innovation frameworks and practical tools, and find new partners to deliver on your goals.

About Sustainable Brands

Sustainable Brands® sparks and enables transformational leadership at the personal, organizational and economic systems level, supporting reflection, ideation and action by creating and curating an optimal environment for discovering the tools and partners necessary to create new kinds of shared value. We bring the full system into the room, convening a community of courageous optimists willing to challenge personal assumptions and disrupt the status quo.

It is the largest peer community of global business leaders committed to brand value creation through sustainability-led innovation. The community was founded on the conviction that unleashing the best of human ingenuity and innovation can change the shape of business and, with it, the world. Ten years later, we are celebrating our progress as a community of action, dedicated to delivering on the solutions needed to drive us into the next economy.


4 - 7 June


Vancouver Convention Centre
West Building, 1055 Canada Pl
Vancouver, BC V6C

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