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Events 1 May 2018 | Roundtable

Roundtable on Harnessing Technology to Advance the SDGs

San Francisco, US

SustainAbility, Arm and Autodesk are pleased to invite you to an interactive discussion on impactful ways for global companies to utilize digital technology to help solve the world’s most critical environmental and social challenges.

The Sustainable Development Goals set out an ambitious vision for the global community to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure the prosperity for all. Technology has improved human lives in countless ways, and digital technologies will play a crucial role enabling solutions to achieve the SDGs and tackle the most challenging social and environmental issues.

The 2030Vision initiative brings together global businesses from all industries, NGOs and other players to collaborate and take action on applying digital solutions to achieve the SDGs.

In this roundtable, the founders of 2030Vision, leading think tank SustainAbility and UK-based technology company Arm, will explore the role of companies in advancing the SDGs through technology. A key focus of the discussion will be on the ways that technology companies can support action across diverse sectors and industries. Panelists will discuss the following questions:

  • What are the most promising case studies of digital technology enabling SDG solutions?
  • How can the technology sector enable the efforts of other industries to advance sustainability solutions?
  • How can technology companies better align their contribution to the SDGs with commercial interests?

Join us for a panel discussion between Rob Cameron, CEO of SustainAbility, Dominic Vergine, Head of Sustainability and Corporate Responsibility at Arm, Ben Thompson, Sr. Manager for Sustainability at Autodesk, Erica Kochi, Co-Founder at UNICEF Innovation and other company representatives who will share their perspectives and examples of recent initiatives.

We look forward to seeing you there!


8:30am - 10:30am

Breakfast available from 8:15am


Autodesk Gallery
1 Market St,
Landmark Building,
2nd Floor,
SF, 94105


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