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Events 18 Feb 2020 | Webinar

The Climate Decade: Ten Years to Deliver the Paris Agreement

Global Webinar

With only ten years to go until 2030, we partnered with GlobeScan and asked experienced sustainability experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia to share their perspectives on the current state of climate action, including the most effective solutions and tools for accelerating and scaling impact.

Join us for an informative webinar discussion on February 18th to explore the results from the latest GlobeScan-SustainAbility Climate Survey.

This survey evaluates progress on addressing climate change generally, specifically on corporate action and leadership. In our latest report, we analyze the viewpoints of over 550 global sustainability experts representing business, government, NGOs and academia across 66 countries on a range of questions including:

  • Importance of various societal actors in making progress toward the goals of the Paris Agreement
  • The relative effectiveness of various instruments and strategies for corporate action on climate change
  • Risks to companies that do not take action
  • Which companies have gained the widest recognition for their leadership on climate change and why?

This webinar will cover the survey findings and feature a lively discussion between Mark Lee, Executive Director at SustainAbility, Chris Coulter, CEO at GlobeScan, Carmel McQuaid, Head of Sustainable Business, Marks & Spencer, Katie Sullivan, Managing Director at IETA and Charles Allison, Partner, Energy & Climate Change Services at Environmental Resources Management (ERM).


18th February 2020
4pm GMT
11 am EST
8 am PST



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