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Events 14 Jun 2018 | Networking

Business for Peace:
What Role Should Companies Play in Prosperity, Peacebuilding and Security?

London, UK

Join Rob Cameron and Denise Delaney at this Chatham House hosted event which will discuss the role of companies in Prosperity, Peacebuilding and Security.

Strategic commitments to humanitarian action by large companies are becoming increasingly common. Some companies have formed practical humanitarian partnerships with UN agencies and NGOs that aim to leverage their expertise in areas affected by war, disasters and conflict.

Yet, the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals remains threatened by conflict. How can the private sector best contribute to prosperity, peacebuilding and security by how and where it does business? Which industries are well positioned to contribute and what role can tools such as finance and technology play? Which regions, countries and markets are most salient?And how can companies convince their internal stakeholders to prioritize contributing to peace and security around the world?

Confirmed participants so far are Jérôme Perez, Global Head of Sustainability at Nespresso, Harriet Lamb, CEO at International Alert and Rob Cameron, CEO at SustainAbility.


6:30 - 7:30pm


Chatham House
10 St James's Square,
London SW1Y 4LE

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