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Pursuing a Commitment to a Sustainable Future

Although dented, the Paris Agreement is not broken. Companies and many other institutions remain committed to climate action. Starbucks shares with SustainAbility thoughts on why it is standing by the Paris Agreement and how climate leadership is good for business. Starbucks has always believed that when it comes to our obligation to environmental sustainability, actions

How Starbucks Yields the Benefits of Materiality

Our recently released research, Sustainability Incorporated: Integrating Sustainability into Business, calls out the need for business to further embed sustainability into its core strategies. It highlights five pathways to more deeply integrate sustainability into business: employing business model thinking; putting materiality to use; applying a sustainability lens to products and services; tapping into culture; and

Model Behavior II

Many of the companies that are flourishing financially today are inherently unsustainable. Despite laudable efforts to make their processes or products more sustainable, no amount of renewable energy sourcing or green product engineering, for example, can change that. When an inherently unsustainable company experiences continued commercial success, thinking about a different, more sustainable model may