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Sophia Tickell is Co-founder and Director of Meteos, a not for profit company, runs research-based multi-stakeholder dialogues.

Meteos dialogues, focused on finance, health and the environment, provide a forum for senior figures in the corporate sector, civil society, public sector and investment worlds to share different perspectives on the major trends that will shape market, regulatory and societal outcomes in coming years. Sophia is currently Co-Director of the Banking Futures (with Anne Wade of Leader’s Quest) and Pharma Diplomacy dialogues.

Sophia was Founder and Director of the Pharma Futures dialogues, 2003-2013. Before founding Meteos, she served as Chair of the Board at SustainAbility Ltd, as well as holding the role of Executive Director. Prior to that Sophia led Oxfam’s work on the private sector and supported policy development internationally, including in Nepal, Zambia, and Colombia.

Sophia holds a number of board and advisory roles, including being a trustee of Green Alliance and external advisor to the Corporate Responsibility Committee of GSK’s Board. She is a member of Aviva’s SRI Advisory Committee, advisor to Alliance Trust’s Sustainable Future Funds, and to the Doughty Centre Advisory Council of the Cranfield School of Management.

Sophia is the author of a number of publications, including “The Antibiotic Innovation Study”, the Pharma Futures reports, the EnergyFutures report, Vital Connections: Science, Society and Sustaining Health and the Groundwork Framework.

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