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Seb is Head of Research and leads the integration of sustainability analysis within the investment process, as well as overseeing engagement activities.

Previously, Seb was Head of SRI Research at Henderson Global Investors where he led on the identification and analysis of sustainability themes and company-level corporate responsibility analysis. Prior to Henderson, Seb was the Vice President of Research and Advocacy at SustainAbility. He has published several reports on sustainable business, and has been a member of numerous corporate advisory boards and awards panels.

Seb has two degrees in environmental science and technology, from the University of East Anglia and Imperial College and is a Chartered Environmentalist.

Seb Beloe on Twitter

@Sustainable2050: After some tax-driven spikes in plug-in hybrid EV sales (blue), sales of battery electric vehicles (orange) in NL……
@SebBeloe: 8 former host cities of the winter Olympics could not do so today because of the impact of climate change on temperatures. @OECD
@SebBeloe: German onshore wind now cheaper than UK industrial electricity prices and even wholesale prices. Extraordinary that……

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