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Based in Ann Arbor in the US, Andy is Professor of Management and Organisations and Professor of Natural Resources at the University of Michigan. He is also Education Director at the Graham Sustainability Institute.

His research uses a sociological perspective to understand the cultural and institutional aspects of environmental issues for organisations. In particular, he focuses on the processes by which environmental issues both emerge and evolve as social, political and managerial issues. He has written extensively about the:

  • Evolving nature of field level pressures related to environmental issues;
  • Corporate responses emerging as a result of those pressures, particularly around climate change;
  • Interconnected networks among NGOs and corporations and how those networks influence change processes within cultural and institutional systems;
  • Social and psychological barriers to change processes; and
  • Underlying cultural values that are engaged when these barriers are overcome.

He has published twelve books and over one-hundred articles and book chapters on these issues, including From Heresy to Dogma: An Institutional History of Corporate Environmentalism. Andy holds a Doctor of Philosophy from the Alfred P. Sloan School of Management and the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and a Master in Civil and Environmental Engineering, also from MIT.

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