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Media 1 Mar 2016

Zoë Arden Featured on Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership Blog

SustainAbility Director Zoë Arden was a Master’s student at the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership from 2012–2014.

In her blog, The Power of Storytelling for Business Engagement on Sustainability on the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership blog she explains how the Master’s programme helped her embrace her communications credentials and appreciate the power of storytelling.

Zoë goes on to say, “It started to dawn on me that communications wasn’t something I could leave behind if I was to be successful as a sustainability practitioner. I started to notice that often sustainability folk were some of the worst at ‘winning friends and influencing people’. They were too often stuck in the data and the complexity and incapable of enrolling others. The reality is that trying to advance sustainability in organisations is a tough job.”

For more, read the full article.


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