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Media 14 Dec 2012

The Regeneration Roadmap Releases Global Trends Study

Released as part of The Regeneration Roadmap, a new GlobeScan Radar poll of 24,441 consumers in 23 countries finds that poverty, economic problems and healthcare elicit the greatest concern among the public. The survey was conducted via GlobeScan Radar, a program of evidence and counsel that draws upon GlobeScan’s unique database of over fifteen years of tracking of global (20-30 countries) citizen and stakeholder perceptions around business and its role in society.

Conducted in January 2012, the survey shows that public concern about both environmental pollution and climate change has decreased markedly in many countries. The survey suggests that those working to engage the public on environmental issues will need to offer a new narrative to consumers—one that addresses their more acute worries about the economy, poverty and healthcare. Given the obstacles posed by the lack of political will reported in other Regeneration Roadmap research, it may fall to corporate leaders to take the initiative.

About The Regeneration Roadmap

The Regeneration Roadmap is a collaborative and multi-faceted thought leadership initiative by GlobeScan and SustainAbility designed to engage the private sector in advancing sustainable development by improving sustainability strategy, increasing credibility and delivering results at greater speed and scale.

To download a free copy of the study visit The Regeneration Roadmap website or to learn more about the project click here.


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