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Media 1 Jul 2011

Fast Company: How to Prepare Our Failing Food System for the Future

Fast Company reports on SustainAbility’s new report, Appetite for Change, on how our food system is failing, and how the food sector itself must lead the way to a more equitable and sustainable future.

From the Article:

Your local grocery store may be stocked with foods from around the world, but make no mistake: Our food system is starting to fail. Resource constraints, unpredictable weather, increases in food-borne illnesses, and malnutrition (925 million people are malnourished while one billion are chronically obese) are all making the major food corporations rethink the way they do business.

A new report from sustainable innovation company SustainAbility (sponsored by two of those companies, Nestle and Sodexo)—aims to outline the problems and how we might begin to rethink a future food system. The major food corporations know that they need to change. “We didn’t expect industry to come up with a such a low grade of itself.” says Jennifer Biringer, director at SustainAbility. “There’s such a disconnect between how corporations are adjusting to food security and industry issues … versus entrepreneurs and governments that are calling for a radical new ecological approach. Companies like Unilever and Nestle rated themselves between a four and six out of ten.”

Read the full article from Fast Company, and download the report from our Library.


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