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Reports 28 Mar 2007

Growing Opportunity

Entrepreneurial Solutions to Insoluble Problems

By Maggie De Pree, John Elkington and Sophia Tickell

A growing array of apparently insoluble socio-economic, environmental, and governance challenges presses in on decision-makers — including climate change, the risk of global pandemics, the growing threat to natural resources like water and fisheries, and the ever-present issues of poverty and hunger.

Growing Opportunity — in partnership with The Skoll Foundation — explores the potential for more entrepreneurial solutions to such challenges.

Through a quantitative survey of 100 social entrepreneurs around the world, SustainAbility learned about their challenges as well as their perspectives on the opportunities – and barriers to progress. The report provides specific examples of entrepreneurial approaches to intractable problems with a particular emphasis on the health care and energy sectors. The report also makes recommendations for ensuring the field of social entrepreneurship continues to grow and achieve a disproportionate impact on global challenges.


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