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Events 28 Mar 2017 | Roundtable

Closing the SustainAbility-Investor-Relations Gap

New York

Too few companies get clear sustainability performance messages out to their investors and one of the main barriers is the internal dynamic between Sustainability and IR departments.

Explore the reasons, the pain points and solutions that have been proven to help close the gaps between sustainability and Investor Relations teams.

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This is a key finding from SustainAbility’s latest research, Closing the Sustainability-Investor Relations Gap. Our most recent research identifies five key gaps where Sustainability and Investor Relations feel misalignment and examines each gap in detail. 

Drawing on insights gleaned from interviews with senior practitioners, the report explores the reasons, pain points and solutions that have been proven to help close the gaps.

During our roundtable, report author Rebecca O’Neill of SustainAbility, will share key insights from the report and discuss the findings with audience attendees.

About SustainAbility

We are a think tank and advisory firm inspiring and enabling business to lead the way to a sustainable economy. Our key service offerings include  intelligence, engagement and strategy. We help clients make better decisions, integrate sustainability into their business and create innovative solutions. Our independent, agenda-shaping research and advocacy enables companies to transform how they think and do business.

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About The Engaging Stakeholders Network

This research was sponsored by our global member network of leading companies dedicated to advancing transparency and stakeholder engagement in pursuit of a more sustainable world.

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4.30 - 6.00 pm
March 28, 2017


114 West 47th Street
1st Floor Auditorium
NY NY 10036


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